Join PandaTL!

Be a translator, editor, proofreader, or translation checker at our group now!



– Choose between fixed pay rate per chapter or shared ad revenue.
– Feel free to plug your Kofi or Patreon for donations. You can also have your own membership for advanced chapters. [For ad revenue]– No prior experience is needed.
– We’ll provide the raws to the novel you’re translating.
– You can simply translate without worrying about anything else :>

– Looking for CN/KR/JP > EN translators.
– Must understand the CN/KR/JP language and have a good grasp of English.
– Have an update schedule. (If you’re busy with real life things, just let the team know)

Note: We do not accept machine translators. You can use machine translation to aid you in your work, but we require all our translators to know at least the language they’re translating so as to understand the nuances of that language. (Knowing a few words doesn’t count as knowing the language)


Make suggestions that will improve the translation quality, making it more readable. Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, or other language errors and mistakes.

Translation Checker

Checkers help authenticate translations for their accuracy. This is basically a role similar to translators but without starting from scratch but due to the nature of the position, we require you to at least be semi-fluent in the language you are authenticating.

Please state which position you are interested in, and we will send you a simple text corresponding to the position you chose. Please note that the editor/proofreader position is voluntary, although that may be subjected to future changes.


Please message lesserpanda#4988 on discord if you wish to apply.


– Team PandaTL